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© Grzegorz Żukowski, 2023

Some street photographs, where color plays its role.

When doing photographs and being aware that the perceived color triggered me to do it, I have an ambiguous feeling of not being sure what I'm seeing actually and presenting on the photograph. One reason might be because often what I see, when editing the photo afterwards, is not what I remember I have seen, what the color was like, when I was clicking the shutter of the camera.


What it might mean? Knowing that our sight, seeing is a constant process in our mind of feedback loops it is impossible for me to say what color I'm seeing. The color might be the one of the most fluid elements of our perceived reality and, while it is so important as it brings emotions and feelings and other different meanings to our conscious description of the reality, it makes me question the reality itself, it cannot be seen. 

What's your color?

Grzegorz Żukowski photo